Tailored Cocktail Hour Catering for Somerset

In many ways, the cocktail hour service at your wedding is like an intermission in the theater or half-time in a soccer game. This hour or ninety-minute period after the ceremony and before dinner and dancing is the perfect opportunity to provide some much-needed respite for a day that can be quite taxing on the feet. A cocktail hour service is also an opportunity for a couple to put their own unique stamp on the wedding. By selecting cocktails, drinks or nibbles that they like or mean something important to them, a couple can design a memorable cocktail hour that stands out from the crowd.

At Kentucky Catering, our cocktail hour service is primarily about executing the plans that we designed with you. Making your dreams a reality is what we strive to do and this is no different when it comes to the cocktail hour. By offering refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, delicious finger-food and some unique surprises we guarantee that this interval for your wedding is one that won’t be forgot in a hurry.

Eating and Drinking with Your Eyes

As any good chef or catering manager will tell you, you eat as much with your eyes as you do with your mouth. What this means is that the visual aspects of a drink or platter are as important as the edible. How a drink or platter of nibbles is presented can be, and often is, as important as how they actually taste. At Kentucky Catering we strive to ensure that every drink and piece of food that we offer in our cocktail hour services ticks both boxes.

Taking Care of Everything

At Kentucky Catering we our cocktail hour service does far more than just preparing the food and drinks that will be served to guests. We also ensure that all a coordinated timeline and schedule of the juncture between the ceremony and dinner is taken into account. We also promise that we will only ever serve one wedding per day, this means that you can rest assured that on your special day we will have our full and undivided attention.

Choose the Cocktail Hour Specialists

Like any aspect of your wedding day, it is vital that your cocktail hour enhances and adds something to this special day. For many catering companies, the cocktail hour is not taken very seriously but for us, the opposite is the case. We always like to embrace rather than run from a challenge and creating the perfect cocktail hour filled with fun and relaxation is the best way of achieving this. Your wedding day is not a time to cut corners, so that is why you must not take chances with inferior catering companies that won’t deliver. Call the cocktail hour experts today and let us help you. Trust us, you will be glad you called.